Fixing to Spend about $ 3,000 on a Bike

Its time to purchase a real speed machine and I’m looking at a budget of about $ 3,000.00 I’ve looked at the Treks, Specialized and the Giant. Anybody got some feedback as to what would be the best purchase ?

Oh and just incase people dont read trade magazines, there is a very good chance that bicycles will be going back up in price due to supply and demand issues from the emerging markets overseas taking up all the inventory.

I would love to hear some feedback as to what bike to get for my Cat 5 adventures next season.


  • timothycristy

    If you are handy with tools and want to learn, building it yourself is a good experience.  If you watch the sales, you can get pretty good deals on the parts (I bought most of my groupset as closeout 2009 models last fall for around half price).  My go-fast bike I built myself with a closeout Lynskey-built titanium frame ($700), SRAM Red shifters and rear dérailleur (each previous year model at around 40% off), SRAM Force front der and brakes (paid full for those, but werent that expensive), Campy Centaur UT carbon crankset (was going to use Force, but this came up on Steep and Cheap for only $200 and is lighter – I couldnt pass up the 70% off), Thompson stem and seatpost, FSA Wing Pro Compact bar (30% off), and Williams 30 wheels. I think I spent a total of around $3000 on it (several hundred of which was on tools) and did all the work myself. Weighs 17 lbs.

  • richarddort

    After reading this post, I think I’m a shifting addict. I built a SS up commuting a few years back. I weighs more than my Proflex. I have done one MTB ride on it, and I cleaned more stuff on it, but I believe that had more to do with setup than anything. Most of my early MTBing was racing, so I am used to trying to go faster if I can. I have found that shifting is so automatic for me that not being able to shift to find the right gear is more distracting from what is going on than shifting. But SS from a beginners perspective makes a lot of sense. Welcome to MTBing!