Prompted by a discussion on the site, I broke out my inner number nerd to analyze my miles and weight for 2010. Hopefully I’ll be able to ride more in January and February in 2011. I’m going to shoot for 11K and 30 centuries.

As for weight, if I’m going to get below 200, it will have to happen in the winter. I don’t want to cut calories when I’m riding a lot. I hate the feeling I get when I am under fueled.


1K – 3/17/2010
2K – 4/17/2010
3K – 5/15/2010
4K – 6/17/2010
5K – 7/11/2010
6K – 8/1/2010
7K – 9/5/2010
8K – 10/1/2010
Hoping to hit 9K on 10/31/2010 and 10K on 12/12/2010

Weight Averages

January – 210
February – 210
March – 206
April – 204
May – 204
June – 206
July – 206
August – 204
September – 203
October – 204

  • rapunzel

    I’m with you on cutting calories when not riding so much. I get dizzy spells when I cut calories. (Yes, I get those dizzy spells even though I’m nowhere near some “dangerously too low”, not even close.) That’s why, losing weight has, also, been an issue for me. It is NOT fun to get them while driving or riding the bike – not fun at all! This week, I cut out most grains (which means I cut a lot of carbs – can’t do that when riding during “high” season and still have enough umf on the bike). I’ve lost 2.5lbs so far and only one 1 mild dizzy spell. Not bad. We shall see as the weeks wear on how I do overall.

    Hope your efforts are successful!

  • louplummer

    I’m sorry for your loss. The impact of losing a loved pet is tough, especially one as lovable as miniature dachshund. Always love her in your heart and cherish the memories. It’s what good and compassionate people do.