Tales from Rental Hell-When do you start prepping for next year?

Yep, the tourist season is now over. Don’t ask me why we call it a season, as we can’t shoot them.

I had to move. The owner of my house had it foreclosed on him, forcing my family and I out. We worked with new owners, a real estate developer, and found a newer, bigger house for the same rent as before. We’re all moved and getting settled.

The Wednesday after Labor Day, as I don’t work on Tuesday, I started preventative maintenance on bikes for next year. All 2800 get a new chain and a good cleaning. This wouldn’t be too bad IF the chainrings were round, but ALL of those chainrings have an imperfection that gives a tight spot then a loose spot every rotation.

At least I had time to catch up on veloreviews.com podcasts.

The photo I won from the caption contest has now been put to good use in my son’s Humanity’s class for a pop culture assessment. He was the only kid to bring an original photo.

The new house has a large garage and I’m setting up my own bike shop in it. I’ve already fixed two neighbor’s bikes in the first week. Since I’m out of the city limits, no codes enforcement officer.

I may replace my cable TV with streaming Netflix for only $9 a month, but I’d have to maintain my broadband cable modem with my current cable company, but then I’d miss the Tour de France.

Speaking of the Tour, I didn’t know Carlos Barrado could fight.

  • rapunzel

    I read that before posting. I still don’t buy it. B/c the meat would have had to come from some place like China, where the standards on what is fed to animals is not monitored or checked like it should be. Also…that “poisoning” happened to a population of ~300 in China, not athletes. Athletes (or rather their managers) have become quite vigilant about food, where it comes from and what’s in it. So, I’m to assume that something made it past all those watchful eyes…and it just happened to be the guy who won the tour. Nicely convenient.

    I remain unconvinced.

  • veloreviews

    Sorry to hear about the moving hassle. You hear about that situation in the news, but you are the first person on personally know to have this happen to them.

    Very cool to hear the photo is going to good use!

    I’m wrestling with the same decision right now regarding television. I’m tired of this cable bill and with things like the Roku, Apple, Boxee and new Google devices and service, plus Hulu and many networks offering their shows through streaming, I’m so ready to dump cable.

    BTW…you don’t have to miss the Tour de France. You can buy Versus coverage thought online HD stream. I understand they worked the bugs out and it worked well as the Tour went on. It was $29.95 as I recall for the whole package.