Rants-R-Us and INTEGRATE wrap-up

Rants-R-Us and INTEGRATE wrap-up from Richard Dort on Vimeo.

Well, this time I remembered to change my focus setting, but didn’t come to the realization that was not why the video was so dark. AFTER I
finished the video I remembered I needed to adjust the the exposure
setting.Oh, and this one is looong. But it does have more of that “ransom” feel that Al loves so much.

  • veloreviews

    Wow..that’s a nice resto! The color reminds me of my first car…a 69 Plymouth Valiant, though I’m quite certain the bike runs a whole lot better!

  • richarddort

    Some more numbers to throw at y’all. My iSport calculated my 2.61 w/kg on my 20 minute fit test average of 267 watts and my 225lb weight. It then multiplies the 267 by .95 to simulate an hour long TT, and gave me an ftp 254. And it’s that number it’ll use to base the wattage numbers in my workouts on.