Native Dash SS Cycling glasses make me happy! Here is the scoop.

Product: Native SS Dash/Platinum/Reflex
Pros: Light weight, safety, anti-fog, polarized, nice fit, great feel, great quality
Cons: Little pricey about $130 US (can find them on sale for less), a rubberized piece which connects to the glasses and holds them on your head broke after about a month

I went to find some nice cycling glasses and was delighted at the vast selection.Selection is key, as my first suggestion is: try on the cycling glasses, as they are all very different…or maybe it’s all in our head?

There are so many styles and the differences in fit and quality should be experienced. You’ll know when you put “the glasses” on. They fit nicely and just feel right. They will likely make you smile, and you won’t even know it. If you can afford that pair, buy them.

My choice is the Native SS Dash/Platinum/Reflex. I went with these for many reasons. The punch list is: They are light weight, polarized, fit my head great, came with interchangeable high contrast and sunlight lenses, have a nice care/cleaning cloth, vented well on the bike,had a convenient/hard storage case to hold the glasses and spare lenses, and they have a warranty on the lenses.

When I cycle, I like safety and comfort. The Native SS Dash glasses were comfortable and worked well at various speeds, sun, rain, wind, and most importantly they didn’t fog up with sweat.

One last feature which is very nice is the polarized lenses. They provide a “high contrast” visual experience where they enhance color and make for less eye strain on longer rides. I prefer this.

There are many good choices and many preference to cycling glasses…My choice: Native SS Dash/Platinum/Reflex…They have many nice attributes. Good luck finding your cycling glasses.

Cheers, HPVelo Bent Rider

  • Oh wow – just stumbled upon this. Native Dash SS are my specs of choice. Or at least they were. Since my flexibility on the bike has increased (i.e. I’m spending a lot more time in a much lower position) I can no longer see under the frames any more – which is unfortunate. I suspect this has more to do with a fairly low nose bridge than the particular design of the glasses, however.

  • mobishop1

    Nice classic ride! Looks like the TLC paid off.

  • jackbulkley

    I am not sure how long I have had my Native Dash SS glasses, maybe 10 years. I use the dark polarized lenses for long rides and driving. For my commute I tend to use the orange lenses. I am planning to get some clear lenses for this winter when my morning commute is in the dark. Obviously I like them a lot.