Tell a cyclist to “Break an Elbow”

Pretty much everyone is familiar with the tradition in theater of wishing well to actors before a performance by stating “Break a leg.” Well, now cyclists can have their own silly superstition. Next time someone is heading out for a ride, yell at
them “Break an elbow!”

We can thank Mayor Villaraigosa of Los Angeles for setting us up for this. He recently found himself involved in a right-hook incident with a taxi cab while he was riding his bike on Venice Blvd, which ultimately resulted in a broken elbow for the mayor. As a result of this incident, the mayor has declared his desire to put together a bike summit. According to an LA Weekly post:

Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa recently reached out to the bicycle community via YouTube and announced — more than a week after he broke an elbow in a bike accident on Venice Boulevard — that he would help organize a summit about the future of pedal power in L.A..’We’re going to work with the bicycle safety community to put together a bike summit,” he said.

Read the rest of this article, including LAPD’s involvement, at

  • rapunzel

    She’s about 35-40 minutes away. That’s doable. I see she offers classes every couple of weeks. Cool. I’ll check it out – Thanks!

    Btw…question – was the class you were referring to an active class learning how to do the chirunning…or the kind where they discuss/teach chirunning in a seminar atmosphere?

  • will1

    Hmmm… Will Cadel be there as well?