Rode the 31st Seattle to Portland Bicycle Classic

As hinted at in my uber-short, from the freeware blog post yesterday, Melissa and I successfully completed the 2010 Group Health Seattle to Portland Bicycle Classic event.

Photo by Brian (@poptopvw)

It is said that over 10,000 folks started the event this year, where the 202 miles (plus or minus, due to some construction detours) is covered in either one or two days. Given
that neither Melissa nor I had ever completed a full century prior to
this event, we opted for the two day option.

We started from the beautiful University of Washington campus at about 5:45am. It was a little chilly for my Sacramento acclimated blood, but
it was a great start. We queued up at a start line where small groups
were periodically let through – met by accommodating Seattle PD folks
that blocked intersections and directed traffic as packs of cyclists
moved through the U district toward Lake Washington. It
was great as we cruised down Rainier Ave into Renton as these were
roads that I knew as a kid growing up in this area. In fact, I passed
with an eighth of a mile of my uncle’s house, and within a half a mile
of one of the houses I grew up in as a kid.

Read the full story – including the details on day two – at

  • rapunzel

    I’ve seen that book on amazon and forgotten about it b/c it never made it to my wish list. (I’m going there, now, to put it on said wish list and order when our next check comes in.)

    Yes, I’ve noticed that my left leg is not as strong as my right, and I did wonder how that would play out in running. I will work on this, too. I’ve got a foam roller (hurray!), and I’d love that sheet. I do have a trainer that I can get with, who nearly turned pro in cycling. So, he’ll be a great resource for me.

    (giggle) on the ice bath thing from the podcast. Although…whoa…I’ll have to hook up an O2 tank during my first “dip”. (I don’t want the plants in my bathroom and bedroom to die.)

    After I get the book, I will start with your suggested workout. MUCHO GRACIOUS!