The Buck Stops Here

Actually this is about 2 bucks, male deer that is.

Near the end of this morning’s commute on the Black Creek Greenway, I spotted 2 bucks on the trail ahead of me. I often spot wildlife (besides small birds and squirrels) on my ride including deer, but this is the first time I have seen bucks with antlers like these. They were stopped and looking at me. They did not seem to concerned. I stopped and took a picture. Even though one buck moved out of sight while I got out my iPhone, I had great hopes for this picture. But I forgot the iPhone does not do a great job in the early morning light. This blurry mess is what I got. You can at least tell it is a deer, if I tell you it is.

I should have steadied the camera better. Live and learn. Plus I might borrow the new waterproof camera, Fujifilm Z33WP, I got my wide and try that on the bike. Really I did buy it for her even though I am the only to have used it so far. Hey it is even pink. It must be for her.

Back to the bucks, I could see them quite well and they moved down into the creek bed on the left and crossed up the bank and out of sight. I was hoping to count the points on the antlers in the photo, but it is too blurry. My future holds some better photographic technique.

Ride rating: 2 rabbits and 2 bucks

  • louplummer

    Last year I focused on September. I trained for two weekend long charity rides and Cycle North Carolina, week long tour. The rides went well. I anticipated the possibility of a let down. I’m big on goal setting. I keep a challenging but realistic, measurable goal in my sites at all times. What I did after those rides were over was focus on my ongoing goal of one century a month. Weather, darkness, inexperience and the holidays made it hard for me to predict what my monthly mileage could be, but I knew that I could find at least one day in each month to take a few hours to ride 100 miles. That worked. I stayed sane until March got here.

    Nothing, I repeat, nothing is as much fun as riding a bike in nice weather. When I was grunting under the squat rack, I wasn’t “just so happy” that I was going to be a “better” rider in the spring. There are lots of ways to keep you head in cycling even when you can’t keep your butt in the saddle. I’m a data weenie to the point where other data weenies shake their heads at me. I had fun analyzing and playing with my training records. I planned and planned and planned the upcoming season, scouting out charity rides and special events all over the place. And, I freaking hated the cold with a passion. I mean I really, really hated it.

    I expect this winter will be easier to deal with. Like other aspects of cycling, I won’t be a newb this winter. Experience, even the little bit I have makes it easier. just think how much fun you have next year when you repeat this year’s century route.

  • louplummer

    Good info on apps to improve the iPhone camera

    The biggest buck I ever saw was standing on the side of Interstate 40 between Greensboro and Winston Salem.