This is Armstrong’s Last Tour

Considering the fact that Lance Armstrong has helped to morph Twitter into pro cycling’s apparent news outlet of choice, it seems fitting that he would chose that form to officially confirm that this – the 2010 Tour de France – would be his last.

Note: Armstrong’s next tweer read ” Doh, sorry, meant ‘my’ final Tour.”

However, somehow I suspect it will not be the last of the biting commentaries on the cycling world as a whole. Versus channel, I’m looking in your direction:

  • louplummer

    I took a look at the elevation profile of your commute on the Plus 3 site. It’s definitely a challenging ride. When I worked in Cary, it seemed as though the entire city were built on those “gently rolling hills” central NC is so well known for. You are going to be even scarier when you get a modern road bike, not that there’s anything wrong with the down tube shifter model you ride!

  • will1

    I don’t see Johan going anywhere, and if they were both in the cars, well, who would call the shots?

    It’d be like Astana 2009 at the TdF all over again…