My own personal 3 Grand Tours for this year

There are numerous races both large and small that make up the pro cycling season. However, none get quite the attention of the three grand tours: the Tour de France, the Giro de Italia (Tour of Italy) and the Vuelta a España (Tour of Spain). However, this year I’ll also be doing three of my own grand tours:

* My wife Melissa will be with me on these two rides

Wait. The Tour de Ross’s Commute? What the heck is that??

For over three years now, I’ve been commuting an average of 3 days a week between my home in Sacramento, CA and my work in Palo Alto. It is about 125 miles or so by car. Of course, I don’t do it by car.
However, after a couple of the “Oh – did you ride here from Sacramento”
jokes from coworkers as I rolled my bike into the office, I decided to
make it so that I could actually answer “Yes!”

That’s right, I’ll be throwing my faith (and bike, and life) into the hands of Google maps and their new bike route mapping to plot my safe path the 139 miles I’ll be riding.

There are some interesting challenges and points of interest in my route:

I don’t fully know what to expect of this ride yet. That is part of why I am so excited about it!


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    No, I’m serious. I have this one little thing going on. The adoption of our first child. My wife and I are travelling to China in the late summer to “start our family”. The dates are fluid right now. As soon as that is set, I should be able to commit. If it all works out, I’ve heard that I can register here. ;)