Stage 1

INTEGRATE Stage 1.gpx

Stage 1 from Richard Dort on Vimeo.

  • rossdelduca


    That’s awesome though! Clearly you are ahead of the curve.

    As soneone who grew up in farming country but now lives and works in our beautiful urban centers, mekes the scope of this challenge different for me. I fully acknowledge that the fact that most of my immeediate destinations are within 10 miles of my house is different than someone whose destinations are 15, 20 or 30 miles down a skinney two lane country road..

    Big kudos to all that are participating – in whole or in part. Help the cause – post your stories to twitter with the hash tag =15mpd, or add comments to the Facebook page!

  • richarddort

    Good to hear. My buddy Ryan (in the next video) was questioning the program. He doesn’t know why I’m doing hill repeats already. He feels I should be riding 5 days a week for 12 weeks first. I say this, but you have to understand as a half way decent airplane electrician in the Navy, and as a musician and music educator, I am REALLY used to people thinking they know what they are talking about just because they know how it’s been done for how ever long. To be honest, I’m not even sure I know how to think in the the box. I trust Al, what he’s doing makes since to me, in that it’s for me and my goals, not for me to race in the Tour in 10 years. I’m already feeling a difference. Is it real? Who cares, if I think I’m faster, then I am. That’s the awesome part about cycling. :D