Stage 1 Pre-Race Show

Stage 1 Pre-race show from Richard Dort on Vimeo.

  • jackbulkley

    I make lots of trips by bike, but I cannot see 15 MPD because I do take rest days. Rest days come in two forms for me. (1) Sunday. I don’t ride to church because it is 8 hilly miles and I cannot arrive presentable. I do sometimes do charity rides on Sundays. (2) Weekday errands. The days I miss bike commuting have to do with errands. Like today I have to be at a meeting too soon after work. I would have to leave 2 hours early to ride my bike the normal part and drive the rest. I do that sometimes but not others. I do ride to somethings like the chiropractor but not others like the dentist. Things at my daughter’s school sometimes keep me from riding but last week I rode to her school (11 miles) and got a ride home (another 14 miles with nasty traffic) with her from there.

  • richarddort

    Thank you! But, do a search for Bianchi Axis. After I built mine up I did just that and in a few minutes I found a published article, and a few other blog/forum posts where people used Bianchi Axis’ for their commuter bikes. I saw my first one (with this same paint scheme) on my college campus being used for commuting, although not decked out like mine. It’s Bianchi’s lowest model CXer, which makes it popular for commuting I think. I go odd ball because I’m using a Campgnolo drivetrain for commuting (they come stock with ShimaNO, bleh). VERY few people doing that, although more should be. :D