INTEGRATE training: The Prologue

INTEGRATE training, The Prologue from Richard Dort on Vimeo.

  • tedmeisky

    I’m all in favor of trying to reduce our dependence on cars and of using bikes for many of the short, daily trips we all make every day. But, to arbitrarily decide to spend an hour or so a day on a bike every day, seems contradictory to making my bike just a normal part of my day to day life. Some days I like to stay home all day. Many days do not involve short trips in the car. I love to spend time camping and hiking and not riding. Just recently I spent 5 days with my wife in the mountains of North Carolina (surrounded by some of the best bike riding roads anywhere) and I didn’t touch or even want to touch a bike the entire trip. So, I’ll ride my bike when it makes sense and I’ll leave it in the garage on the other days. And, I’ll happily cheer you on to your goal of riding every day.

  • alpainter

    I LOVE TO HEAR stories of ouch. It makes me all warm and tingly inside…