Just got home from my daily commute. 8 miles one way, but it is a great way to wake up in the morning AND on the way home. Listening to “Learn Chinese” on the ipod, supposed to be going to Beijing this winter and would like to order local food and beer. Most likely will run into more english speaking Chinese honing their language skills. God help them ;)

Also finally loaded a picture today, from February with snow on the roads. Could use some of that coolness for this week.
  • plochman

    I’m going to try to work on that logo for you over the weekend too. Finally got the Drupal site back up at , what a nightmare, found my PHP password to the master data base was corrupted ?

    I ride ALMOST every day but man I can remember my first year of cycling, I missed only five days all year and that took major commitment and road through lots of bad bad weather. Great to see your effort, keep working it. :-)

  • brucemurphy

    nǐ hǎo,
    I believe most people here would agree with that statement. Does this mean we are all cycle addicts? ;)