Wet and whimped

I whimped! Rode out to a winery this morning on the hybrid, 32 miles. Loaded up on good red wine, 7 bottles and a box of UK red to feed my UVA friends :). Rain started about 12 miles after I left the winery. About 16 miles later I was holed up under I-75 staring at the deluge. Called the wife. I am a wuss.

  • louplummer

    You get total respect from me. 1) for using the bike to run an errand 2) Having a good wife

    Last summer we went on vacation at Cape Hatteras. I ran out of CO2 and called for a lift. It happens. While I admire those folks who make it a point of pride to always return home under their own power, I’m not going to go to heroic measures for no good reason. I love cycling more than a fat man loves doughnuts, but I still have to stay safe and healthy so I can do other things – like earn a living and play with my grand kids.