INTEGRATE100 1 Mother Nature NADA!!

Oh, she tried to throw a fit today, but we kicked her butt back to the stone age INTEGRATE Roubaix style. 30 riders on trainers getting a great workout thumbed their noses up at the elements, and got in a great workout for the 3rd day of INTEGRATE100.

You can see the results here…..

  • plochman

    Very nice write up Lou, I think in the same line as you when I fanitsize about grabbing a muset bag, and finding what must be some killer goodies inside and I also wonder how I would feel going up some of those mountain stages, maybe a bit like a snail that someone has poured salt on, my guts would be turned inside out probably at the base of the climb much less going up it a few k’s but I do think about it. I also think about and practice regularily my stage win salute at every opportunity I get when finishing even just a short fun ride to nowhere. Something else that would really freek me out personally would be the crowds going up the slopes yelling and screeming at me as I passed by, I would probably get in trouble and punch someone for sure and be DQ’d for fighting. I cant stand crowds at all so this would be problematic even though I have ridden in a crit where I had a few people cheering for me and that was very cool so I think that is enough. And lastly, I have savored the idea of the poduim with two very hot podium girls playing fake kissy face with the double cheek thing and then the high hand salute, yes I have lived it many times in my own pea brain little fantasy world. I want so very very much to go to Paris some day and see the final day as they go up that famous raod that I cant spell much less say it properly, I would have to take major drugs to handle the plain ride (I’m major clostophobic) but it would be so worth it. I love the tour and GO ANDY ! GO ANDY ! GO ANDY ! I have fallen in love with Andy, my newest hero. Plochman