2010 LIVESTRONG Challenge San Jose

Come join us for the 2010 LIVESTRONG Challenge San Jose – July 10-11.

registration is open at www.livestrongchallenge.org

  • alpainter

    I’d love to get out there, tell Jeff to fire up VR-Force 1, and I’m there! One of the best pieces of advise I can give you on the bottle is to practice on your trainer. This is a pretty simple skill to master once you get into a controlled environment.

    Regarding the hydration pack, they are great for MTBing when there isn’t any water nearby, but they really drive up your core temp due to your body not being able to dissapate heat through the back. You will cramp faster, and fatigue will then become a much bigger factor.
    Some of the best drills you can do to improve your cornering skills are (I’d suggest doing these in an empty parking lot that allows you to turn in relatively open areas:
    1) Single Leg Pedaling
    2) Single Arm Pedaling
    3) Single Leg + Single Arm Pedaling: I haven’t found a drill better than this one that will teach someone the important connection between the brain, the muscles and the bike.
    4) If you find one leg stronger than the other, let me know, and I’ll give you a few suggestions to help.

    There is a great series of motorcycle training DVD’s/books called “Twist of the Wrist” by Keith Code. We use their principles quite a bit to teach the folks out here how to corner, descend, pick lines, etc. I highly recommend it.

    Also, while it is MTB info, Sue Haywood’s “Wildflower MTBing for Women” is an incredible instructional DVD aimed at beginners.