iTunes love’s us. They really love us!

Our podcast is being featured as a recommended new release. I feel pretty freakin’ good about that!

  • veloreviews

    And thanks for the shout out! Your’re contribution is the foundation of the site.

  • williamfreeman

    That’s due to the fact that it is worth listening to. Although I do think Jen carries the program. :)
    Good work Jeff. I am looking forward to show#2. I will “enjoy” that on the rollers this evening. If you guys need somebody to interview that will really spice up the show, let me know. As long as you aren’t concerned with details such as “the truth”, or being sued for liable then I am your man. Some of the knowledge that I have deligently aquired should make the podcast the place to hear what REALLY goes on in cycling (in my imagination).
    Thanks for all the hard work.