The Spokesmen – Episode 45

Episode 45 of the Spokesmen Round-Table Podcast is now online.

On the show was host David Burnstein, Richard Masoner, Tim Jackson from Masi Bikes, Chris Smith from Velo Reviews, Rich Kelly from Interbike and Mark Villegas from Bike Hugger

A fantastic time was had by all not least myself even though we recorded from 3am to 5am UK time. Ouch. Topics included:

  • Interbike
  • Outdoor Demo East
  • What About a Consumer Show?
  • Cycling in Taiwan
  • FInal Pro Results – Bruyneel’s Tweet
  • Where Will Contador End Up in 2010?
  • Amgen Tour of California 2010
  • Helmet Conversation
  • Do Helmets Make Kids Fat?
  • Tips
  • Proper Tire Inflation
  • richarddort

    Rest Day? I’ve had a rest week! Although, I still got in 32 miles last week, so it’s not a total waste.

    Time shouldn’t be the issue, Al. I just need to stick to my zones, and stop pushing. I kind of feel like I have a small liter high revving Ferrari motor that’s not happy unless it’s bouncing off the rev limeter, stuffed inside the body of an F250 4X4 Super Duty that has the bed stuffed full of fixings for a huge BBQ.