Does anyone visit the chat room on a regular basis? I check it every time I log on, but it seems like I never catch anyone there except on Tuesday Nights while is on.

If you do utilize the chat room, when are you there? I’d love to stir up some friendly bicycle banter with some users! Should there be a certain time to stop by for certain subjects, or what? Let’s talk about it…

  • louplummer

    I believe every one of these. In fact, I think I’ve probably met every one of these people when their computers were broken.

  • veloreviews

    That is exactly what we need to do. Get a schedule going that works for folks on both coasts and do like a regular Friday night chat (most folks won’t get together during the week, but we could post a survey). I did that once when I was testing the chat feature and sent out a short series of emails and we had quite a good crowd.

    I was hoping that the chat would catch fire, but it hasn’t. I don’t know if that’s VeloReviews or BR or the time of the season…or what.