More Interbike TV videos and stories on VeloReviews

Good news, I spoke with Markus on Friday and he is going to be editing another round of videos for our InterbikeTV project. “Mr. CycleFilm” took the weekend off to ride in Levi’s Gran Fondo. Tough to edit when your heart rate is off the scale!

Jen Moore, aka VeloJen has also written some more articles and those will be posted over the next weeks, as well.

That’s your InterbikeTV update.

VeloReviews out….

  • plochman

    Hey Rap,
    Thats what is cool about this site, nothing has to be perfect and you can do whatever you want. I think I would like to invent a new gizmo, yeah, one that I could turn on when riding that records my unspoken thoughts and then just dictates them into a new blog post. Now that would be something way cool for sure, maybe a Steven Hawking machine or something. I R i d e B i c y c l e s (in that computer voice, lol). One of the hardest things I have found when writing is keeping my scattered brain thoughts from getting incohesive and being spred out all over the place. For me, I have found that if I write just as I’m talking to someone, it helps to keep everything in some order but I still wonder off course a bit. I wish you the best with your blog, let us know when you have it up on a server so I can follow along. I have some space on my server if you need a host since you already have your domain name purchased, maybe we can work something out. Send me a private e-mail if you are interested.