Rain… Rain… Go Away!

It has been raining in Atlanta for a week…. And looks like rain all next week. :(

  • rossdelduca

    She’s actually only about 5’2″ or 5’3″. However, she has longer legs compared to her torso – at least compared with me. I’m 5’7″, but our belt lines are about the same. I ride about a 52.

    Part of this whole exercise is that she actually wants to learn how to put it together, know about the bikes and how to turn a wrench. With that in mind I’m actually inclined to scrounge around for an old frame. Help her sand it. Paint it. Figure out what she needs to know to buy the parts that will fit it.

    I have actually convinced her to go with just a single speed as opposed to a fixed gear bike. Although her interest seemed to peak when I showed her pictures of track frames. *Sigh*. Maybe I shouldn’t have showed her those pictures :)