Blackbottoms custom cycling clothing Interbike 2009

  • chriswright

    Lou, I had my own epic adventure yesterday. Me and three other people from work grouped together to ride the Brigham City, Utah American Diabetes Association Tour de Cure. We chose to ride the 100 mile circuit which stay mostly on the flats, but has one mean climb in the middle. We too hoped to maintain an 18 mph pace. The forecast was for cold, wet, and windy. I donned my raingear and we started our ride. True to the forecast it was very windy. At the second feed station I stripped off my raingear. Although it was spitting rain I was wetter on the inside than on the outside. We continued our 18 mph pace until we hit the climb. Everyone strung out as we hit our final peak which is about a 9% grade for a quarter mile. Normally I scream down the other side at over 45 mph, but yesterday I barely broke 35 mph because of the wind. During the entire ride we only had two small stretches with the wind at our backs. We rode into the wind almost the entire day. At one point I was pulling into a huge headwind with a speed of 9 mph and my heart rate at 90%. People were sagging out everywhere. Fortunately as we arrived back at the finish the rain began in earnest. I grabbed my free food and went home.
    This morning I went outside and noticed all the stuff (lawn furniture, canoe, etc.) had all blown from one side of my yard to the other. It is a ride I will never forget