San Francisco all abuzz about Idaho stops


Idaho – arguably one of the pointiest states in the union – is back in the news again. This time on the streets of San Francisco. More precisely on the bike route affectionately known as “The Wiggle.” This road has become yet another battleground in the war between local police departments, cyclists, the anti-cycling bias and those frustrated with what they perceive as persistently scofflaw cyclists.

However, this time the news was not about cyclists breaking the law. Rather, it was about a bunch of cyclists going out of their way to follow the very letter of the law. That’s right. It was a deliberate act of civil-OBEDIENCE.It all started (or should we say restarted) when the Captain of the local police district stated his intent to focus additional efforts to ticket cyclists failing to stop at stop signs.

“bicyclists are required to follow the rules of the road,” Sanford said. “There’s a thing called a stop sign that bicycles are supposed to stop at.”

Due to the topography of the city of San Francisco, The Wiggle is effectively the only route between two halves of the city that does not involve steep hills. It is a …read more

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Morning Links: The Feds look at road diets, including three LA area case studies, though LADOT’s stats falls flat

The Federal Highway Administration offers a fascinating series of road diet case studies from across the country — including three from the LA area. Santa Monica’s Ocean Park Blvd road diet resulted in a remarkable 65% reduction in collisions, and a 60% reduction in injury crashes …read more

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Just be nice…

Photo by Richard Masoner / Cyclelicious
Photo by Richard Masoner / Cyclelicious

There is a scene in the movie Roadhouse where the main character is telling the bar staff at a rather rough bar to just “be nice.” If you haven’t seen it – it is a classic. Go watch it. If you have, stop rolling your eyes at me…

Anyhow, it struck me today how great the advice from this scene is for all of us bicycle commuters out there. There is far to much confrontational thinking where none is needed. Sometimes it is motorists thinking we are complete asses, and sometimes it is us assuming motorists are complete asses just out to kill us. But I had three separate incidents in the past two days that have turned me back on to the idea of “just being nice.”

Case in point:

I was riding home near AT&T park yesterday. There was a ton of traffic along The Embarcadero and King St – always a sign that there is an SF Giant’s game or other major activity at AT&T park. This inevitably raises the stress level of the commute. Gridlocked intersections where I need to …read more

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Rapha Women's 100

Words by Anna Maria Diaz-Balart, Photography by Eloy Anzola and Erik Cho

Statistics Courtesy of Rapha

The Rapha Women’s 100 is a global act of solidarity aiming to get as many women on the road on the same day as possible. You have to ride at least 100km but can of course do much more. It’s about connecting women around the globe together, finding other women in your neighbourhood to ride with, and furthering women’s cycling.

— Laura Bower, Rapha UK

CCNYC Ride Leaders

CCNYC Ride Leaders

Few rides have the spirit and camaraderie of the Rapha Women’s 100. It is a ride that beginners train diligently for, and one that seasoned racers make sure not to miss, even if they’ve already raced that day! This past Sunday, thousands of women across the world rode together. Just under 9,000 women registered with Rapha, and countless others rode on their own. Official rides spanned from London to Kazakhstan, from New York to Dubai. In major cities the rides were so big that they had to be …read more

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Juries, Judges and Your Bike Crash

Bikes Have Rights™* By James L. Pocrass, Esq. Pocrass & De Los Reyes LLP This may well be the most controversial blog post I’ll ever write. It’s likely that many of you are going to hate reading this. Some of you will tell me that what I …read more

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More Women’s Cycling at “Pretty Damned Fast”


Ran across another beautiful and thoughtful cycling blog featuring content for women. Pretty Damned Fast strives to be about “Women’s cycling in all of its forms, especially when it’s done with style.” Blogger Tayler and Anna Maria come from backgrounds in photography and fashion, and that design ethic comes across beautifully in not only the visual layout of their blog, but also the stories they include. Well worth adding to your daily feed readers.

Find the blog at

…read more

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Morning Links: Busting on Beverly Hills and its San Diego soulmates, and a Chitown writer busts on bikes

Just too much to catch up on after yesterday’s breaking news. So hold on to your handlebars, it’s going to be a bumpy ride. ……… Looks like everyone is condemning Beverly Hills for their shortsighted, misguided and wrong-headed refusal to put bike lanes on the …read more

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Seattle to Portland: The world’s best group ride


As someone that has ridden group rides in a grand total of 2 different states, I feel uniquely positioned to have an opinion on the best group rides of the entire planet. It is from this perspective of decades of experience and miles of riding that I can say with absolute authority: The Seattle to Portland ride from Cascade Bicycle Club is the absolute best group ride, anywhere, ever.

OK. So all hyperbole aside, this really is an incredibly well run and enjoyable ride. Every year they offer up tickets for 10,000 participants – and every year they sell out. Participants can opt to do the approximately 210 mile course in either one or two days – both of which are fully supported.

Lunch break at Lewis-McChord base (Thanks for the photo Johnny!)

This year saw a change in route from previous years, diverting riders through military property of the Lewis-McChord joint base. Here, two day riders enjoyed the sandwiches and wraps of the first day’s lunch stop under the shade of Military aircraft wings and other …read more

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Back in the saddle


Took a bit of a vacation. Avoided following the Tour de France (for no specific reason) and headed up north to Washington and Oregon for some great camping, and to ride in the Seattle to Portland ride. Vacation was great, but now back to your regularly scheduled blogging….

…read more

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Breaking news: 36 year old bike rider killed in Newport Coast

Sadly, another bike rider has died days after she was injured, in a case that hasn’t made the news. According to the Orange County Coroner’s office, 36-year old Monterey Park resident Yeny Vergara was injured when she came off her bike around midnight last Wednesday, …read more

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