Morning Links: OC truck driver goes on trial; Montebello hit-and-run reward; Metro bike workshops start tonight

The trial of truck driver Filemon Reynaga started on Monday in a Santa Ana courthouse. And kicked off with one big revelation. Reynaga is charged with felony hit-and-run and misdemeanor manslaughter for the 2013 death of 19-year old Manuel Morales Rodriguez. According to the Orange …read more

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City Guide: Oakland

City Guide by Jillian Betterly and Heather MacKinnon, Photography by Jillian Betterly

It’s very common for bikes to bring different communities together out here in Oakland. Even though this is a large urban area, our love of bicycling often unites us, linking those who ride bikes together to give this big city a small town feel. Heather MacKinnon and I crossed paths a few years back due to our similar passions—we met on bikes, and found out later about our joint love for film photography and the arts. Here is our discussion on the town we love, and things that we feel make it special.

How long have you have you been riding in Oakland?

Heather: Almost 4 years now. My first experience with Oakland was back in 2011 for an FWOD (For Women Only Duh) group ride. They guided about 30+ of us for their holiday co-ed ride and it was a great first experience. I moved here from Boston and although my family calls me bi-coastal, I currently call Oakland home.

Jillian: Also 4 years. I moved here from Colorado, but I’m originally from Upper Michigan. I discovered this Oakland when I biked from …read more

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Can San Francisco override California state vehicle code?

By Mayor_Ed_Lee.jpg: Nancy Pelosi derivative work: Tktru (Mayor_Ed_Lee.jpg) [CC BY 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

By Mayor_Ed_Lee.jpg: Nancy Pelosi derivative work: Tktru (Mayor_Ed_Lee.jpg) [CC BY 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

San Francisco’s recent demonstration in favor of adopting an Idaho Stop law in the city has stirred up the expected point/counter-point debate across social media and comment sections of various news articles.

One of the valid questions being asked is “Can San Francisco as a city actually do anything to change this law?” In truth, the answer is probably no. Stop signs – including their design, placement, and requirements – are actually regulated at the state level. Idaho’s law is was enacted at the state level. However, cities in Colorado have actually done what people are asking for in San Francisco, so it is not something inherently unique.

However, San Francisco does actually have a different option to achieve functionally that same goal. And it is one that has been utilized before.This tactic focuses not on actual law change, but rather on enforcement – or the complete lack thereof.

One example of this is San Francisco’s Sanctuary Ordinance – which sets aside enforcement of federal immigration laws. With this precedent in mind, it is conceivable that San Francisco could adopt a similar policy of non-enforcement …read more

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An open letter to the LA City Council in support of the Mobility Plan 2035

Dear Councilmember Ryu and Honorable Councilmembers, As a resident of the 4th Council District, and someone who walks, bikes, drives and uses transit throughout the City of Los Angeles, I strongly urge you to support passage of the Mobility Plan 2035 to increase safety on …read more

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Morning Links: It’s Mobility Monday — contact your councilmember to support LA’s Mobility Plan as written

Today is Mobility Monday A day designated to voice your support for the LA Mobility Plan 2035, which includes the hard fought bike plan passed unanimously by the city council in 2010. Yet that same plan is under attack by members of that same council, …read more

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23-year old Newport Beach bike rider died after colliding with parked van

A bike rider has died after he was critically injured while riding in Newport Beach Sunday afternoon. According to the Orange County Register, 23-year old Corona del Mar resident Jonathan Wilson died about an hour after he collided with a parked minivan. The paper reports the collision occurred around …read more

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Morning Links: OC hit-and-run driver to face trial; parking meter bike racks approved for Westwood, but not lanes

Apparently, justice delayed is not justice denied after all. At least not in Orange County. Nearly two years ago, 19-year old Manuel Morales Rodriguez was his riding bike on Missile Way in Anaheim when he was struck by a semi-truck driven by 49-year old Filemon …read more

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San Francisco all abuzz about Idaho stops


Idaho – arguably one of the pointiest states in the union – is back in the news again. This time on the streets of San Francisco. More precisely on the bike route affectionately known as “The Wiggle.” This road has become yet another battleground in the war between local police departments, cyclists, the anti-cycling bias and those frustrated with what they perceive as persistently scofflaw cyclists.

However, this time the news was not about cyclists breaking the law. Rather, it was about a bunch of cyclists going out of their way to follow the very letter of the law. That’s right. It was a deliberate act of civil-OBEDIENCE.It all started (or should we say restarted) when the Captain of the local police district stated his intent to focus additional efforts to ticket cyclists failing to stop at stop signs.

“bicyclists are required to follow the rules of the road,” Sanford said. “There’s a thing called a stop sign that bicycles are supposed to stop at.”

Due to the topography of the city of San Francisco, The Wiggle is effectively the only route between two halves of the city that does not involve steep hills. It is a …read more

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Morning Links: The Feds look at road diets, including three LA area case studies, though LADOT’s stats falls flat

The Federal Highway Administration offers a fascinating series of road diet case studies from across the country — including three from the LA area. Santa Monica’s Ocean Park Blvd road diet resulted in a remarkable 65% reduction in collisions, and a 60% reduction in injury crashes …read more

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Just be nice…

Photo by Richard Masoner / Cyclelicious
Photo by Richard Masoner / Cyclelicious

There is a scene in the movie Roadhouse where the main character is telling the bar staff at a rather rough bar to just “be nice.” If you haven’t seen it – it is a classic. Go watch it. If you have, stop rolling your eyes at me…

Anyhow, it struck me today how great the advice from this scene is for all of us bicycle commuters out there. There is far to much confrontational thinking where none is needed. Sometimes it is motorists thinking we are complete asses, and sometimes it is us assuming motorists are complete asses just out to kill us. But I had three separate incidents in the past two days that have turned me back on to the idea of “just being nice.”

Case in point:

I was riding home near AT&T park yesterday. There was a ton of traffic along The Embarcadero and King St – always a sign that there is an SF Giant’s game or other major activity at AT&T park. This inevitably raises the stress level of the commute. Gridlocked intersections where I need to …read more

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