Palmdale man killed in rear-end collision while riding to work early Wednesday morning

Bad news from North LA County, as a bike commuter lost his life in a collision earlier this week. According to the Antelope Valley Times, 40-year old Palmdale resident Jeff Aubrey McGrath was riding south on Sierra Highway north of Pearblossom Highway around 4:40 am Wednesday when …read more

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Google cars confused by track stands

In news linking technology and bikes in a funny, non-socially offensive way, the Washington Post reported on a humorous encounter between a fixed-gear cyclist and one of the Google Autonomous cars. According to the article, the slight motions created by the cyclist executing a track stand triggered the car to stop.

It apparently detected my presence … and stayed stationary for several seconds. it finally began to proceed, but as it did, I rolled forward an inch while still standing. The car immediately stopped…

— Washington Post,

Track stands always have been an exciting, thrilling and reckless thing – as this video clearly demonstrates

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Morning Links: Honked at for riding sharrows, Vision Zero lost in Mobility Plan fallout, and upcoming bike events

Digital Slurry offers video evidence of what we already know. Many drivers just don’t get sharrows. And don’t have a lot of patience when they find a bike riding legally in front of them, regardless of whether there’s a picture of a bike with an …read more

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Rider Profile: Ashley Freiberg

Photos Wes Duenkel Interview by Kate Erwin (B&W photos courtesy of Kate Erwin)

Introduction by Tayler Rae Dubé, More information about Ashley here!

Ashley Frieberg is a force of nature. At only 23-years-old she is already ten years into a successful career in car racing and, in 2014, was the first female overall winner at they Daytona International Speedway. Recently, Ashley has started making noise in the cycling scene as well, picking up a cyclocross bike to help her stay fit for racing. We are truly inspired by Ashley’s story, a female athlete taking a male dominated sport by storm.

Which came first, bikes or cars?

I have been racing since I was 13 in a go-kart, and moved into cars when I was 15 before I even had a driver’s license! I only recently started to ride bikes as a part of training for auto racing, and last fall was the first time I ever raced my bike!

When was your first cyclocross race?

My first cyclocross race was Quad Cross on September 7th last year. The most prominent memory I have of the race was that I couldn’t stop smiling… even through the pain!

<img …read more

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Bike rider killed crossing PCH in Malibu; bicycling deaths down over 40% in LA County compared to 2014

The report of the possible death of a bike rider has finally been confirmed. According to the Malibu Times, a 48-year old man was attempting to cross PCH on his bike at Busch Drive, near the entrance to Zuma Beach at 8:30 pm Sunday. The victim, described …read more

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Morning Links: San Diego police blame bike mob; unconfirmed report of bicycling fatality on PCH in Malibu

No bias here. Not from the press. And certainly not from the San Diego Police Department. According to San Diego’s ABC 10 News, a female driver called 911 to report a “mob” of nine or ten bicyclists had chased her down and smashed her car …read more

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