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May 212015

Always wait for the barriers to lift at a railroad crossing. A Riverside bike rider didn’t, and sadly, paid the price. According to the Press-Enterprise, the woman was riding her bike east on Mission Inn Ave in downtown Riverside when she stopped to wait for a southbound …read more Source:: BikingInLA

May 212015

So much for Great Streets. According to UCLA’s Daily Bruin, the Westwood Community Council discussed removing bike lanes on Westwood Blvd from the city’s Mobility Plan, despite being unanimously approved by the full city council as part of the 2010 bike plan. And yes, CD5’s Paul Koretz was …read more Source:: BikingInLA

May 162015

I’m a firm believer in supporting local bike businesses. That’s why I was pleased to learn about NoHo-based Stashers, designed to safely secure your belongings, on or off your bike. The company, founded by Julie Pusateri, currently has a Kickstarter campaign for a stackable, waterproof …read more Source:: BikingInLA

May 142015

This is not the news anyone wants for Bike Week. Or any other time for that matter. Reports started coming in yesterday evening that a bike rider had been killed at the intersection of Hollywood Blvd and Hobart Blvd in Los Angeles. Unfortunately, it took …read more Source:: BikingInLA

May 142015
Washington State Still #1 According to Report

Ahhhh Washington. The state where white cops spray pepper spray at white protesters. Birthplace of Starbucks, popularizer of flannel shirts, and home to some wicked volcanos (And this post is going out just days before May 18th coincidentally.) And despite the persistent yet very inaccurate impression that it rains there non-stop, it has spent 7 […]

May 132015

…….. LA’s Department of Public Works continues to plan for the city’s auto-centric past. Evidently thinking the word Public refers only to the motoring public, the department is recommending that the reconstructed Glendale-Hyperion Bridge should have even fewer crosswalks than the current unsafe crossing. But …read more Source:: BikingInLA