Anaheim Hills bike rider died from solo fall last year; his family makes moving video calling for helmet use

Too often, when a bike rider is seriously injured, it never makes the news. Especially if there’s not a car involved. Even if it does, there’s seldom any word on what happens after that; no one other than family and friends usually know if the …read more

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Words by Zoë Leverant, Intro by Anna Maria Diaz-Balart

This past Sunday thousands of women joined forces to ride in solidarity for the Rapha Women’s 100, many of us followed that watching La Course with equal enthusiasm (and burritos!) Unfortunately, the most powerful images of women and the sport of cycling from this past weekend are going to be of Chris Froome and podium girls. Here at PDF we felt the need to address this issue. While we strive to take a positive tone in everything we publish, we just can’t see a reason for there to be podium girls in 2015. There are so many women athletes who have actually earned their place on the podium, yet media outlets broadcast images of objectified beauty queens instead. We turned to our friend, freelance writer, and cyclist Zoë Leverant to summarize the disparities in racing today and the objectification inherent in the continued use of podium girls. Our sport can be better than this.

Another summer, another Tour de France. Another Tour de France, another conspicuous absence of substantial women’s race coverage. And, despite this being 2015, another batch of podium girls planting kisses on the cheeks of men in yellow jerseys. Another …read more

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Morning Links: Graphic testimony in the case of a fallen PCH cyclist; riding the Reseda protected bike lanes

It’s been just over a year since John Greg Colvin was killed when his bike was rear-ended while riding on PCH in Laguna Beach. Last week, a preliminary hearing was held for the driver, Dylan Rand-Luby, on charges of misdemeanor vehicular manslaughter and felony hit-and-run …read more

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Rider Profile: Mandy Harper

Photography by Derek Yarra

How did you get into cycling?

In 2005, I moved to San Francisco for school. I’m constantly moving, doing, thinking etc. all around, I’m quite restless. I was inspired by so many cyclists in SF, it only felt like a natural fit to get a bike. Growing up I was very embarrassed of my body. More specifically how large my thighs are, for my petite body. All the girls around me were tall, with long skinny legs. I’m the exact opposite. I always thought of my body and thighs with such shame, not EVER wearing shorts in the insane 120 degree weather of Arizona. Commuting in SF totally changed that, and soon I decided to build up my very own custom bike. It was a Bareknuckle that I had custom powdercoated deep orange. I loved that bike so much. I picked out every damn thing on it. And that bike not only taught me how to be comfortable on a bike, I learned why my thighs look they way they do, because they are strong! Not, because they are gross or ugly. It was a very liberating feeling. And I can now say with confidence that I’m very …read more

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Morning Links: Good news on Mt. Hollywood Dr; Calabasas driver busted for DUI after injuring two cyclists

Good news regarding Mt. Hollywood Drive at the Griffith Park Advisory Board meeting Thursday night, as reader dangerd explains. The board motion was passed for currently closed roads to remain closed to private cars as per the vision plan for Griffith Park. Also Superintendent of …read more

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San Diego-area bike rider killed when minivan driver drifts into bike lane

Bad news from San Diego’s North County, as a 46-year old man was killed while riding in Carlsbad Wednesday evening. According to the San Diego County Coroner’s office, Eric Steven Glasnapp was riding in a marked bike lane on College Blvd roughly one mile north of …read more

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Morning Links: Killer OC hit-and-run driver jailed, Westwood Blvd bike lanes threatened, and Beverly Hills lanes fail

Justice came too late for another fallen OC rider on Thursday. Forty-four year old Daniella Palacios was riding in Anaheim last November when she was hit by a truck driven by Junior Rigoberto Lopez. Lopez fled the scene, leaving the mother of eight to die …read more

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Today’s post called on account of illness

Not mine. My dog’s. The past 24 hours have been a whirlwind of vet visits, unplanned pre-dawn walks walks, and the scent of second-hand kibble wafting through our apartment. Not to mention trying to comfort a sick puppy. And explaining to a hungry Corgi who hasn’t kept her last …read more

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Morning Links: Suit filed in death of Granada Hills teenager; Biking Black Hole considers SaMo Blvd bike lanes

That was to be expected. The father of Philomene Ragni, the 17-year old bike rider killed when he was hit by a DWP truck in Granada Hills earlier this year, has filed suit against DWP and the driver of the truck. The suit states that …read more

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Morning Links: Scofflaw drivers and bike riders break laws at the same rate; too much news from Tour de France

The next time someone complains about law-breaking cyclists, show them this. Because a new study from the University of Colorado says bike riders and motor vehicle operators admit to breaking the law at similar rates — eight to nine percent for drivers, and seven to eight …read more

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