May 192014

Since I started back riding 6 years ago, I’ve experienced headaches after most of my harder rides. These headaches would always turn into a migraine if I didn’t find a way to stop them. As a migraine sufferer since I was a child [some come on instantly], every headache turns into a migraine unless I [...]

May 072014
The UItimate Recovery Workout for Cyclists

Most of the people I know who ride a bike go out on the weekends and absolutely kill it on Saturday and Sunday. This means on Mondays their legs are shot and strength training can very easily slide down the priority scale. When, in reality, it should be at the top of the list, and [...]

Apr 012014

A while back, a friend of mine was going to participate in an important, out-of-town, athletic competition. She had been looking forward to this for quite a while. So, I knew it meant quite a bit to her. However much to her dismay, a part of her body started hurting to the point where she [...]

Mar 242014
How fat is fat?

Some people refer to mountain bikes as fat tire bikes. In fact New Belgium Brewery has a nice Amber Ale named Fat Tire with this label:           But some pioneering work, much of it in Alaska, followed by production of bikes and parts by Surly and now HED, have fueled a new bike [...]

Mar 202014

Carlos Betancur took the overall lead of the Paris-Nice by outsprinting world champion Rui Costa and winning the 6th stage of the week-long race. The Columbian rider finished the 221.5 kilometer stage from Saint-Saturnin-les-Avignon to Fayence in 5 hours, 12 minutes and 11 seconds. Betancur was also victorious in the 5th stage that took place [...]