Six Things I Loved About Paris-Brest-Paris

Words and Photography by Jenny Hatfield

Countless hours, millions of calories and thousands of training miles over nearly three years finally culminated in me successfully qualifying for Paris-Brest-Paris, a challenging 1230 kilometer ride – or 764 miles — that occurs every four years. It’s considered the signature event for randonneurs, or long-distance endurance riders, that draws nearly 6000 cyclists from 60 countries in the world. This August, I flew to France with 69 other members from my home club, the San Francisco Randonneurs, to partake in this historic ride.

While it’s still very much a niche sport, randonneuring has grown in popularity over the years, as has Paris-Brest-Paris since its inception in 1891 when it began as a professional race. (It’s now only open to amateurs, although some do treat it still as such.) Certainly the grueling nature of this discipline contributes to its smaller ranks; cyclists must ride a full “super randonneur” series within the same calendar year as PBP in order to qualify: 200k (125 miles), 300k (186 miles), 400 (248 miles) and 600k (373 miles). But the toughest part is completing them within …read more

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Morning Links: The Mobility Plan battle isn’t over yet, new ARTCRANK website, and rear-end wrecks are most deadly

We may have won the battle, but the war is far from over. Streetsblog’s Damien Newton says the bikelash is spreading to some neighborhood councils, particularly in Silver Lake, which voted to reconsider its support for the new Mobility Plan 2035. That same bikelash could …read more

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Morning Links: Avoiding bike/car collisions, too much bike theft news, and new bike coffee shop in DTLA

Let’s see what you have to say. I was forwarded a link to this website on how to avoid the 12 most common types of bicycle/vehicle accidents by one of the people who helped create it. While it has some good advice, a few things …read more

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Jeff Jacoby doesn’t want you riding on his roads

According to Boston Globe Opinion Columnist Jeff Jacoby, you have no business being on the road on your bike. His latest opinion piece reuses tired old (and factually inaccurate) arguments to explain why efforts to increase bicycle access and utilization in our cities is, in his words, “irresponsible and dangerous.” But it is an opinion piece – right? I mean, he’s just stating what he thinks, not any actual facts.

Except for the things is cites as facts – that actually aren’t.

All of which might be marginally more tolerable if bikers operated under the same restrictions that drivers do. But cyclists pay no taxes, don’t have to be insured, undergo no safety inspections, and needn’t register their vehicles. They don’t have to carry an operator’s license, and aren’t required to pass a written or a road test in order to pedal in the streets. And have you ever seen a cop ticket a cyclist who ran a red light, weaved recklessly among lanes, or made an illegal turn? Me neither.

— Jeff Jacoby, “Urban roads aren’t meant for Bicycles.” Boston Globe

Now I actually wish it were true that as a cyclist I pay no taxes. That would …read more

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Morning Links: New study says bike injuries increasing, but without context; comedian rants riding through LA

Another study attempts to paint bicycling as a dangerous activity, especially for riders over 45. The study from UC San Francisco shows that bicycling injuries have nearly doubled over a 15-year period ending in 2013, which they acknowledge coincides with the boom in bicycling. Looking …read more

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Morning Links: OC driver faces DUI vehicular manslaughter charge, and a long listing of bike academic papers

The Orange County DA’s office may not move fast, but they take traffic crimes seriously. I’m told they just filed a felony charge of gross vehicular manslaughter while driving under the influence against Michael John Perez in the death of Michael Bastien one year ago …read more

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Search and State: Search Statement

Photography by Adam Moran, Art Direction by Adam Moran and Tayler Rae Dubé

NY Based cycling brand Search and State recently released their latest project, Search Statement- A contest and platform for action. Search Statement is a platform to collect the stories, photos, ideas, and adventures of the cyclist who inspire them and to help make their aspirations come true through financial and logistical help. Learn more about the project below and get inspired by Search and State’s latest shoot with photographer Adam Moran and PDF co-founder Tayler Rae Dubé

A Search Statement is a proposal for something you want to do. It can be anything, but should involve cycling in some way. It would be great if your idea has a positive impact on others, but it doesn’t necessarily have to. Perhaps you want to ride farther, longer, or somewhere no one has before. Maybe you want to build a cycling community where one doesn’t exist. Perhaps you want to create a photo exhibition, an art installation, a cycling movement, a safety device, an innovative type of bicycle, or a new way to ride one. What’s most important is why it matters to you.

<img …read more

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Today’s post, in which I remember a friend. Rest in peace, Howard Krepack.

I knew this day was coming. But the news still hit hard. And hurt like hell. According to Streetsblog LA, Howard Krepack, one of LA’s first lawyers specializing in bicycle cases, passed away on Saturday, and was buried Monday afternoon. I had the pleasure of …read more

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The Critical Mass has passed

I’m annoyed. I’m sick of it. I’m pissed. I’m speaking only of San Francisco – and I may be digging my own stick-a-frame-pump-through-my-front-spokes kind of grave, but I do not believe that Critical Mass has any place, relevance, or purpose in the city of San Francisco any longer. (Caution: Strong language to follow)

Yet another unfortunate incident has taken place during a Critical Mass ride, and as per usual these days there is video, and it found its way to You Tube.There was a time when Critical Mass represented a good, relevant, valid message. There was precious little infrastructure in place on the city streets. But the honest truth of the matter is – bike are on the cusp of becoming a mainstream part of transportation in this city. San Francisco is poised to consider legislation to allow bicycles to “semi-legally” roll through stop signs. New bike lanes and new bike infrastructure are being put in place on the streets of the city every day. Improvements are happening.

So why in the hell would you ride the wrong way down a street, intentionally run into a car …read more

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Unidentified bike rider killed while crossing Terminal Island Freeway

Once again, a bike rider has died on a Southern California freeway. According to the Long Beach Gazettes, the victim was illegally crossing the Terminal Island Freeway north of PCH in Long Beach around midnight last night when he was hit by a semi-truck at 11:56 pm. …read more

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